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What Sheree and Somatic Rehabilitation offer

An experienced mindfulness practitioner since becoming a student of Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy in 2003,  Sheree offers mindfulness tuition, mindful walking and parenting support, in addition to her services as a practitioner of Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy.

Practicing mindfulness since the early 2000's, Sheree has refined and honed her own capacity for mindful awareness - you will be learning mindfulness with a skilled mindful somatic therapist, who can facillitate the application of mindfulness to the body-mind, in the present moment and who understands the nature of this process. 

Why the emphasis on mindfulness

Mindfulness is central to all of what Sheree and Somatic Rehabilitation services have to offer.  Sheree is a skilled practitioner of mindfulness and mindfulness is central to her life.

Living consciously and deliberately requires a degree of self discipline, and mindful attention helps to achieve this. Mindfulness is an invaluable skill for living well, especially during difficult times.


How does this work?

Mindfulness needs to be practiced regularly in order to receive maximum benefit: this is one of the distinctions working with Sheree can offer you.  

Because mindfulness is a particular form of paying attention, being able to bring such a closer focus to our present-moment experience helps us extract more detail from that experience.  

Whether this is because we are wanting to tune in more to our feeling, body symptoms or our minds, whether it is because we are experiencing difficulty somewhere in our lives,  mindful attention allows us to become reacquainted with our internal experience.  Knowing what is creating our moment-to-moment experience provides us with the possibility of interrupting our habitual functioning.  


What exactly is mindfulness?

As with studies in consciousness, science is yet to identify with any real precision what mindfulness actually is. Some refer to a state of particular awareness, some refer to a process of specific attention and focus. Others believe mindfulness to be a meditative process.

MRI imaging and research has demonstrated that mindfulness is not meditation: different parts of the brain are used during a mindfulness practice in comparison with meditation. MRI imaging has been able to reveal differences in areas activated within the brain during each process. 

Mindfulness, as used in Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy applies the skill and uses it - this is not meditation.


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