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Somatic Rehabilitation offers applied and embodied mindfulness tuition and classes (Pathway to the Present Moment) to individuals and groups.

What Sheree and Somatic Rehabilitation offer

In addition to therapeutic services to individuals and couples, Sheree offers mindfulness classes during the year.  Classes are currently offered in Arrowtown and Southland.

Mindfulness classes with Sheree offer an opportunity to work with an experienced practitioner with many years of practise, training and experience in Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy. She has recently graduated further in her training as a Hakomi practitioner and teacher of embodied mindfulness.


Why the emphasis on mindfulness?

Often our difficulties stem from neurobiological patterns that developed in the very beginning of our lives.

Being able to listen deeply to ourselves so that we may become aware of what's happening now, requires that we cultivate the capacity for mindful attention.

There are many ways to invite mindful awareness, however applying mindfulness to self enquiry and experience in a therapeutic setting, as we do in Hakomi, adds an effective new dimension to the work and can create an observable outcome and measurable result in a very short time.

In Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy, mindfulness is learned and then applied to our personal experience, as that becomes available to us. This creates a guided process of self study that can be used outside of session work and which may become a stable and enduring practise in daily life.

How does this work?

Ordinary, daily awareness is habitual and automatic.  Mindful awareness invites our attention to the full range of our experience in the present moment, and offers us the opportunity to explore where we might wish to place our focus.  Oftentimes there are things happening for us that we are not present to: feelings, sensations, impulses, thoughts and memories that continue to exert an effect we are no longer aware of.

A Hakomi therapist and client collaborate in mindful awareness to observe what is happening now, and then work to understand the information present. That information is then applied and used to create awareness, acceptance and change.

What exactly is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a particular state of conscious awareness that can be learned and cultivated.  It is also an organic and inherent part of who we are when we are born, and which we can lose our connection to as we progress through Life.

This state of awareness can be defined as the ability to be present in the moment, fully aware of our internal experience at the same time as we are also aware of what’s happening outside of ourselves.

Because this capacity allows us to observe ourselves, we gain the potential to interrupt our habitual, automatic responses to others and to life events.

With mindful awareness, its possible to teach ourselves to stop reacting and instead gain the capacity to choose: understanding how we respond to ourselves and to others is an important key to living well.

You can only do what you want
when you know what it is you are doing
Moshe Feldenkrais