Somatic Rehabilitation

Hakomi therapy and life coaching
Simply put, Somatic Rehabilitation is what Sheree refers to as the process of working with a mindful somatic therapist who understands the metabolic (physical) and the cognitive-emotional-spiritual aspects of suffering.
Utilising mindful attention in the present moment with Hakomi tools and techniques is about observing, discovering and working with the interaction between our environment, our neurology, our biology and our psychology.
But what do we mean by this? Read on to find out.

What we provide

Somatic Rehabilitation services are offered to individuals, couples and groups.

Services offered include:

  • Mindfulness classes - a Pathway To The Present Moment
  • Holistic life coaching
  • Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy

Sheree is an experienced long term practitioner of mindfulness, skilled at being with suffering, who has trained extensively in the skills, tools and techniques in Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy.

She is versed in many schools of mindfulness, and has trained in a variety of professional therapeutic models and modalities that work with physical and mental health and wellbeing. 

While over the last 15 years she has worked and trained extensively in the application and use of mindfulness-based tools and techniques, she has a tertiary background that focusses on biological, developmental, social and cultural and environmental psychology. 

Sheree believes this kete (basket) has the power to assist and facilitate your understanding of the interactions between your environment, your neurology, biology and psychology, in order for you to bring new awareness to your difficulty.

From an existential perspective, Sheree believes, the nature of these interactions can lead to problems in living, such as those related to trauma and stress, grief and loss, chronic pain and illness.

In Sherees experience, being able to bring mindful attention to whats happening for us in the present moment, on all levels of our being, is the most effective way to discover whats going on for us. 

We live in troubled times and working with a skilled mindful therapist who knows how to be with suffering, who understands the nature of suffering, can be very useful when learning about how to live with difficult things. 

Understanding how health is created and influenced by everything around us, and in us, is key to working with difficulty and sustaining wellbeing.

Whether it be depression, anxiety, stress, bereavement, grief and loss, relationship difficulties, trauma, family difficulties, chronic pain or illness, understanding the links between body and mind can be a powerful conduit to important new awareness and understanding.

Bringing mindful awareness to all the pathways of our experience, past and present, is in Sheree;s opinion, a very effective pathway to living well.

What's in a name?

The name Somatic Rehabilitation, simply put, refers this: working to consider neurology, biology and psychology - and how these combine in you to create your experience in the moment.

Soma refers to the body, 'somatic' to bodily experience. Through skillful use of mindfulness and other Hakomi tools and techniques, a rehabilitation of experience, held in the body and influencing the mind, can result in changes in the brain and nervous system.

Rehabilitation refers to this new and potential reintegration of mind and body: discover how your environment, neurology, biology and psychology, combine to shape your motivation, intention and experience.

Basic principles

Somatic Rehabilitation is guided by the principles of Mindfulness, Unity, Organicity, Non-violence and Mind-Body Holism.

These principles offer a respectful and holistic framework that guides the application of the Hakomi method and the use of all Hakomi tools and techniques.  This framework is also used to guide Sheree's coaching process and classes in applied mindfulness, Pathway to the Present Moment.


Holistic Coaching for life

Whether it be holistic health or ethical business, coaching with Sheree and Somatic Rehabilitation can offer you mentorship and support to reach your goals. 

Sheree supports her life coaching process with Hakomi tools and techniques that derive from mindfulness and compassion, and which can help you understand how neurology and psychology effect motivation and performance.

She is an experienced practitioner, living and working in mindful compassion, especially useful in ethical and sustainable business, as well as in holistic healthcare.

Using Hakomi - a holistic tool kit

As a client of Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy you will experience an effective, mindful and compassionate form of psychotherapy that works to bring you into closer relationship with yourself.

Hakomi is a modality proficient at working skillfully with the body-mind, to bring a deeper awareness to your experience in the present moment.  A powerful process of holistic healing that is both gentle and effective.


A Pathway To The Present Moment

Mindfulness classes are offered from within a Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapeutic framework and are held in sets designed to optimise your learning and the time you have available for this.

Sometimes darkness can show you the light
Disturbed, The Light