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Somatic Rehabilitation

Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy, Mindfulness and Couples Coaching

Somatic Rehabilitation provides 

Mindfulness tuition: a Pathway to the Present Moment

Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy

Mindful Somatic Relationship and Couples coaching


What's in a name?

Soma refers to mind and body as one.  Rehabilitation, in this context, refers to the use of somatic intelligence, accessed in mindful awareness, to bring attention to automatic and habitual patterns of behaviour.

Utilising the tools and techniques found In Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy, Sheree works in mindful awareness to assist in bringing these habitual patterns, which are often in unconscious awareness, into the present moment, where they can be observed and worked with.


What's in it for me?

Working with somatic intelligence in the present moment, as your experience unfolds in a session, Sheree invites you into mindful attention, using the Hakomi Mindful Somatic Method of Psychotherapy (Hakomi).

In this way, it becomes possible for you to recognise aspects of your experience that you may not have been aware of until now. 

Oftentimes, these parts of your experience are operating out of awareness and contributing to experiential outcomes in life that may not serve you well.

As Hakomi is a trauma-informed modality, and Sheree has completed additional trauma training to work with any traumatic experience that may also be present, this will be recognised, acknowledged and worked with usefully.


This process can become the foundation toward creating better experiences in your life, assisting the development of somatic resilience and greater self regulation.  The therapeutic process itself, especially the Hakomi use and application of mindful awareness, can provide you with an ongoing practise you can use between sessions to assist you manage difficult experience.




Most human suffering is related to love and loss.

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