Sheree Honeyfield-King


Sheree Honeyfield-King

Kia Ora

Sheree ko - te maunga Hikurangi
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ko - te iwi irish, scots, french, english
ko - te hapu Hogan, Campbell, Ellis and Stuart
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Professional background

Sheree Honeyfield-King is a trained counsellor, life coach and mindful somatic psychotherapist.

After 25 years in the field, Sheree has developed a strong preference for somatic and mindful psychotherapy, and her preferred way of working is with the Hakomi Method of Mindful-based Somatic Psychotherapy

Sheree's work is grounded in this proven, science-based method, her work is trauma-informed, and she is committed to regular professional and personal development.

Mindfulness tuition

In addition to her psychotherapeutic work, Sheree offers tuition in mindfulness classes and mindfulness-based walking

Sheree's professional-personal journey

Sheree understands what it means to live in difficult times.

Living consciously and deliberately, embodying mindful self awareness, kindness and compassion, is the foundation of her life.

Sheree has learned to appreciate and respect the idea that crisis can create an opportunity we may not have perceived prior.

Whilst this particular part of that process can be difficult, Sheree understands that we each possess a deep quest to heal, and an innate drive towards whole-ness - crisis often precipitates that movement.

Growth through understanding

Sheree Honeyfield-Smith Without a capacity to observe our internal experience, Sheree says, we are unable to work at depth with problematic experience.

Being able to work somatically in mindful awareness, in the present moment, allows this problematic experience to emerge.

This self-study can lead to sustainable change and increased self understanding.

The impulse to heal is real and powerful, and lies within us
Ron Kurtz in The Hakomi Way